Our Services

Founded in 2011, Capture is a Perth-based video production business that specialises in:



Showcase your product or service and grab people’s attention with a 30-second TV ad, 3-minute demo video or anything in between. We have a range of options available.


Live and corporate events

Recreate the energy of a live concert or corporate event through film that can then be used for promotional purposes.


Weddings and personal events

Capture the memory of your special day on video so you can relive the experience for years to come or share it with your guests and the people who couldn’t make it.



Tell a story, record the behind-the-scenes of a project, capture a moment in history or showcase a cultural phenomenon so everyone can share the experience.
Site video walk-throughs – produce a video walk-through of the property you’re selling or the beautiful venue that’s available for hire, as a tool for creating intrigue and interest.


Ambient video

Add atmosphere to your store, gallery event or studio through an ambient video that plays in the background and complements your brand, products and/or services.


Personal testimonies and opinion videos

Record your opinions on a topic for the world to see, especially on social media.


Music videos and film trailers

Create a visual narrative for your song or give moviegoers
a sneak peek into your film.


Any other video projects

The list is endless so if you’ve got the need for a video, we’ve got the experience, equipment and knowledge to help you.


No matter the project, we can write, direct, produce, film and edit the material so the final product is picture perfect.

Capture can also package the video so it’s ready for viewing and distribution, such as cutting it to DVD or prepping it for television.




You may also choose to have one of Capture photographers attend and capture your event or project.

This option complements the suite of video services we offer and is especially suited to weddings, corporate events, personal celebrations, promotional shoots and so on.

Whether it’s for a private or corporate purpose, you’ll be able to post the dazzling results across your social media platforms.

It also means less stress for you because we’ll manage both the video and photography aspects of your next event or project.


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